WHITTLE: I defend candidates right to stand in this LEADERSHIP election

Dear Friends,

I have read with alarm that attempts are being made via the courts to have one UKIP leadership candidate barred from our Party’s contest by another.

Many members have written to me asking for my own point of view as present UKIP Deputy Leader and a fellow leadership candidate.

Let me state clearly:

Our Party was founded upon the spirit of free speech. The advancement of free speech for future generations by withdrawing Britain from the authoritarian EU was a major motivating force behind many of us joining UKIP.

Although there are clear differences between other candidate policy platforms and ours, I emphatically defend to the hilt their right to make their views public. Equally, I defend your rights, as members, to use your best judgement in deciding who will lead our Party into the next General Election.

I’m confident that our great Party will pass this test of credibility with flying (purple) colours!

I hope that this message is helpful in clarifying our team’s position.

Kind regards,

Peter Whittle

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