Former MEP Roger Helmer BACKS Peter Whittle for leader

It has been revealed today that former MEP Roger Helmer has endorsed Peter Whittle’s candidacy to be the next leader of UKIP.

Stating today “Peter is without question the man to lead UKIP forward. He has a clear vision for the future of our party and has shown his devotion to it as one of our main spokesman, as a London AM and as Deputy Leader. He has represented us superbly on the national stage. I’m delighted to endorse his candidacy”.


His endorsement joins that of his replacement in the European Parliament Jonathan Bullock MEP, who released a statement a few days ago: “We need a fighter to lead us – Peter as an elected AM, and an experienced media operator is best placed to do this.”

Further endorsements include Noel Matthews, Paul Nuttall MEP, Tim Aker MEP, Richard Bingley, William Dartmouth MEP, Alan Bown, Graham Snell, Allen Mayes, James Barker and John Allen. This makes for an impressive list of backers which adds a certain level of legitimacy to Peter’s leadership bid.

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