BINGLEY: Theresa May has been the most DESTRUCTIVE Home Secretary

In an interview with Westmonster published this morning The English Channel’s Richard Bingley tore into Theresa May’s record as home secretary stating “Theresa May may well have been the longest serving Home Secretary, but she has also been the most destructive”.

Bingley said: “Statistically there are fewer police officers now in the UK than in 1985. We had a population of something like 56 million and around 118,000 police officers. Now we have 66 million people in the country, some from war torn countries, but we have less police officers now than we did then.

“We are physically less safe, in terms of prison sentencing, they’re coming down and down and people are being released from prison very early for violent crime. Terror offences as well, they’re being released with half of their sentence served. When you combine that with the fact we’ve lost 35,000 people since 2010 in the armed forces, one has to conclude that if you’re living under a severe terror threat we’re less resilient than we were.

“I think Theresa May has been a dismal Home Secretary. She might have been the longest serving Home Secretary but she was also the most destructive. I think it was outrageous of her to stand before the police federation and accuse them of crying wolf over the terror threat. When she took over as Home Secretary there were 21,000 more police officers than there are now and I know dozens of police officers in the senior ranks leaving the job because they cannot sustain the challenges they face.

“There’s been an increase in red tape, they’re prevented from stop and searching the people they need to…and in many areas of crime there’s literally a culture of non-prosecution now. Police officers have given up trying to do their job because they’ve been completely undermined by central government.”

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