Pubs are under threat, we must act to save them says Paul Nuttall MEP

The threat to our pubs is also a threat to an important part of our society and culture says Paul Nuttall MEP.
Reacting to the news that 28,000 pubs have closed, almost a third of the total number, since the early 1970’s, Paul Nuttall, UKIP MEP for the North West of England said:
“It is a sad fact that government policy over the past twenty years has seen the demise of a great British institution. Whether that is constant tax hikes, twenty-four hour drinking licenses, the blanket smoking ban and now the business rate re-valuation. It has also resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs and millions of pounds in revenue.”
“The government also need to understand that pubs are good for local communities in so many ways, not least providing places for people to meet and drink responsibly in a safe, controlled environment.”
“We must fight to protect our heritage and that means working towards policies that ensure that the great British pub flourishes and does not die a slow and sorry death. If we do not reverse this decline, we will witness the disappearance of a part of British culture.”


  1. I totally agree with you , we need more ways of meeting other people ,particularly the elderly . The most popular pub in Hereford is the barrels , they don’t do food , they have their own brewery . Children aren’t allowed in the evening , there’s bands playing on a regular basis and the beer garden is great , please do your best . we need more pubs like the barrels , proper friendly community pubs .

  2. This is a warning from the future.

    Community buildings are under threat from acquisition by religious groups and or large supermarket chains if they are not designated as centres or buildings of community interest.

    This is an application process submitted to any local government authority under a local government act in the commons.

    Without it you are basically giving license for the vacant pub to be turned into or knocked down and built upon. Prevention is far more effective than a non existent cure.

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