BINGLEY: Response to Parsons Green attack

Don’t think I have ever seen such a weak response from a UK pm to a terrorist attack.

After all, the intention was to cause mass murder of commuters and tourists. The UK government and main two parties have abdicated responsibility for national security. They offer no solutions and therefore the deterrent has eroded.

This morning’s statements from Sadiq khan and Theresa May are actually quite profound because, in the unspoken rules of the security operating theatre, they are actually say to Jihadi terrorists: ‘we don’t know what to do, we’re scared, come and attack us’.

There is a simple truth here: if we British citizens don’t defend ourselves we will keep being murdered.

I’m intrigued that the PM will not refer to human terminology such as ‘innocent’, ‘people’ or ‘murder’ in her statements. This dehumanises us as victims.

Instead she talks in abstract terms about ‘intended to ’cause significant harm’ or that the ‘threat’ level remains at ‘severe’ yet the public should go about their ‘daily life’s normally. This is wrong in both moral and practical terms.

For example, how can we travel on the tube if we are terrified about using public transport or might actually be killed or injured?

Some solutions: new counter terrorism legislation: pre-trial detention of known mass murder plot suspects (as advised by the UK’s most senior police officer, Tariq Ghaffur); compulsory orders to close mosques or any other community centre permitting dissemination of violent propaganda; minimum sentences of 20 years for all terror offences; tightening of immigration from at risk countries and communities; revoke ECHR; bilateral agreements to repatriate non UK hate preachers; 20,000 more police with principle responsibility for counter terrorism; new emergency powers act to expedite military assistance in national security domains and scenarios, including reinstating the 35,000 armed forces personnel cut by Theresa May and David Cameron.

Finally, construction of new detention centres to hold terror suspects and material supporters until investigations are completed or court sentencing secured. At present 1/5 convicts are reportedly being groomed by jihadist terrorists inside. Such suggestions are actually applied and taken for granted as common sense in most countries outside of the EU.

It’s time to put our national security first.

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  1. I don’t know what party you represent but what you say here is what all Brexit supporters think as well, it we are let down and Theresa May gives all for receiving nothing then at the next election we find a strong party that supports the British way of life. Not having some judges telling 11 years olds they where the ones at fault for the sexual grooming, and another idiot woman saying their is no evidence that sexual active against young children does them harm. These people are completely out of tune with our own laws o. Protect the child. While I am on this topics we are against the Muslim having to be controlled by men, have you notice that not one women’s group is actively defending the Muslim women – they need to be given protection with our laws not made up ones by Muslim men.

    Great report of your by the way!

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