Whittle DESTROYS Sadiq Khan at Mayors Question Time

UKIP’s Peter Whittle rips into London’s mayor Sadiq Kahn over the prospects of the city in a post-Brexit Britain.

Whittle said “You might know that deutsche bank, which was also one of the banks that was apparently going to leave after we had the referendum, they also just signed a lease on Moorfields for 25 years for a major European headquarters. These are all very, very good signs Mr Mayor aren’t they? Yet the whole list of the way that the economics that is talked about, particularly in this chamber at Question Time is taking on the air of a wake”.

Whittle continues to rant at Sadiq Khan by saying “The fact is that these sorts of institutions have to take a very long view and the truth is is that during the campaign with the referendum, you we’re, as chief remoaner, you were one of the people that basically said that this was all simply going to fall apart, and its just not. In fact the good news coming doesn’t it, the good economic news keeps coming.”

Mr Mayor, “You are in a position where you should promote everything good about London and I mean these are the sorts of things you should be highlighting aren’t they?”

“Look, the fact is though Mr Mayor, you said that the whole thing was going to come down like a pack of cards and its not, the economic news is only getting better”

“Mr Mayor, the chief executive Claire Hoey of the new centre for Iron Pacific in London said that actually London’s center is based on decades and decades, hundreds of years, actually of being at the very center because of the use of language, because of our legal system, because of all of these things. It’s not because we’re in the Single Market Mr Mayor”.

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