MAY: Brexit, but in name only

So, yesterday Theresa May gave her big Brexit speech in Florence. Where she was going to prove to the world that she was going to make a success of Brexit. So, did she accomplish her goals? Well, no. Not really. She confirmed a two year transitional deal, where we would loose our MEPs, lose our voting rights, not have control of our borders, but still pay in, and still be bound by EU law. That sounds fun, doesn’t it.

Theresa May has simply gone onto stage and sold the country out. In fact someone predicted to me just after Theresa May was crowned PM by the Tories, that she would ‘try her best’ with Brexit, but would come back to the people and just say ‘I’ve tried my best, but we’re just going to have to stay in’. That prophecy is starting to look more real.

During the Brexit campaign, one of the big Tory Brexiteers, Michael Gove applauded Theresa May selling out the views he had during the referendum campaign by the way of a tweet stating An excellent speech from the PM in Florence – delivering on the wishes of the British people. To which I responded: “You’re either lying or a brown-nosing, deceptive, backstabbing career politician”


UKIP’s Deputy Leader Peter Whittle said that the “PM feels defensive, like we’ve done something we should apologise for”

“So ‘transition’ period on free movement of two years. This one will run and run…”

“PM skirts round question of continued free movement. Nervy and halting responses.”

Peter Whittle proving once again that he has what it takes to fire UKIP back up and take it back to the beating heart of politics. UKIP must be brave and attack the Tories at every possible point if we are going to force the government to give us the Brexit we voted for many months ago. They have had over a year to prepare for this, and in the first speech they seem to have simply shown all their cards at once, pretty much waving the white flag.

Theresa May was standing behind a pull-up stating “Shared History, Shared Challenges, Shared Future”. The English Channel’s Nick Harris said “This sounds like Theresa Mays giving up before she’s even opened her mouth”. Yesterday afternoon was an embarrassing moment for the United Kingdom, saved only by true patriots like Peter Whittle and Nigel Farage standing up for our country.

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