‘NEVER TRUST A TORY’, We put it to the test

After this so-called Mogmentum, which seems to have taken people in from all parties wanting a truly Brexitty future. But we’ve always been told never to trust a Tory. So can be, let’s case study Jacob Rees-Mogg. He wants Brexit, a proper Brexit. Does he? He voted in favour of Dodgy Dave’s negotiations rather than simply going for a referendum.

He voted in favour of the ‘bedroom tax’ 16 times between 2012-2014

Voted against raising welfare benefits five times in 2013.

Voted against higher benefits over long periods for those unable to work as a result of an illness or disability: 14 votes over 5 years.

Between 2012-2016 Rees-Mogg voted 52 times to reduce the spending on welfare benefits.

voted against same sex marriage in February and May 2013.

voted against a law to make private vehicles smoke-free if a child is present

Need I go on, I’m going to anyway …

Rees-Mogg also voted against an investigation into the Iraq War in 2016.

Has almost always voted for increasing VAT, higher taxes on alcohol and plane tickets.

Voted against allowing terminally ill people to given assistance in ending their lives in 2015.

View his full voting history at theyworkforyou.com.



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