UKIP Wins Truth Awards: May’s Leaflets Reported to Trading Standards

UKIP swept the board last night at the English Channel’s 2017 inaugural Campaign Awards held in London. A panel of three expert, independent judges took just ninety seconds to arrive at their unanimous decisions:

Award for best Tory attack leaflet: UKIP’s ‘Beware of Scams’ poster of failed remainer Theresa May holding an ‘I’m in’ pro-EU placard

Award for best Lib Dem attack leaflet: UKIP’s ‘#FeebleFarron’ graphic

Award for best Labour attack leaflet: UKIP’s exposure of ‘Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Circus

Award for best national message: UKIP’s Map of Britain with five pledges

Award for best digital billboard: UKIP’s Billboard outside the Birmingham Police Federation conference promising to ‘fund 20,000 more police’ and ‘free maths sessions for MPs’ (Dianne Abbott was keynote speaker at the time)

A source close to the Panel Chairman revealed that Theresa May’s ‘Strong and Stable’ manifesto launch placard has been reported to Britain’s Trading Standards council. “The Chairman felt strongly that the Tory message broke the top four criteria of advertising malpractice published on the UK Trading Standards website. Namely:

· They misled you into buying their products

· They sold you unsafe or dangerous items

· They sold you fake or counterfeit items

· They pressured you to buy something you didn’t want to buy”

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  1. Great news Ukip got those well deserved campaign awards. Thank goodness common sense is getting more and more noticed as more people are awakening to the truth.

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