BINGLEY: Homes fit for ISIS is sick and self-destructive

Richard Bingley, UKIP’s spokesman on Terrorism said: “The discovery that the Government is considering, under Operation Constrain, using the hard pressed social housing stock to encourage ISIS terrorists to give up their Jihad against our society must be opposed at all levels.

Terrorism is not something that can be bribed out of somebody. If somebody is radicalised enough to wish to kill innocent civilians, then it is the height of irresponsibility to offer them housing at the heart of the very same communities they desire to maim and murder. British officials working on this scheme should take a step back and ask themselves why they joined the security agencies in the first place. Was it to save British lives or wantonly support our destruction? This is a sad scheme designed by officials who, themselves, have crossed a line into extremism and are unable to interpret right from wrong. It’s a tragic week for our country which once led the world in counter-terrorism education. In security terms, we are now the ‘sick man of Europe’. What can we do?

Voters really need to stop nodding back in a Conservative Party which has done more to harm our wonderful country than any outside tyrant could hope to achieve.

The Party of Thatcher and Churchill simply does exist any more. Nor will it ever return. Tory MPs are as soft and incompetent as the officials they direct.

UKIP is the Party of law and order in modern Britain.

Any ISIS supporter returning from the Middle East should be prosecuted and jailed under existing legislation without delay. If existing laws are too weak in areas, which they are, Parliament should urgently pass more effective measures to protect the public. We also need to revoke ECHR obligations immediately (as Theresa May pledged before the 2017 election), and legislate to ban public housing for anybody convicted of terror offences. Only UKIP MPs returned at the next election will achieve this and bring an end to our national self-destruction.

It’s actually difficult to come to terms with the fact that this is being done in our country’s name. I urge any public servants involved in this to find their ethical bearings, to also find courage, and simply say ‘no, I will not be a part of this’.”


  1. Bloody joke they want houses for people that are traitors to this country and the likes of people that was born and bred in this country,can’t get houses,what a bloody country this we are turning into a laughing stock agree with you David

  2. You will be preaching to the converted, mind control has already created a pool of people that will turn away, and ignore anything from UKIP as it threatens their grip on power, and because we have been shooting ourselves in both feet since Nigel resigned. It will be difficult to get back the die-hard haters, but we could start by presenting UKIP as an organised genuine opposition. This is that time, the conservatives are in a complete spin about everything especially Brexit negotiations, and Labour are going too far left for the comfort of many. Let’s get on with it.

  3. This country discriminates against true British people at every turn, moteso against England in particular, no free prescriptions unless you’re over 60, no free universities, give everybody else all they want as long as their not English first, or British born.
    How can anyone feel patriotic to a country that doesn’t recognise it’s patron saints day, but St. Patrick (Ireland) is splashed about & pubs decorated for him. ??!! Country has gone down the drain. An send millions abroad to countries that fought for independence from us, happy to take the money, whist our valuable service workers get less pay, more hours & reduced forces.
    How much worse can it get?? Glad I’m no longer young, fear for the future of my grandchildren.

  4. British Politicians working to destroy the UK from the inside! They condemn themselves every time they open their mouths. Theresa May-Never and Amber Rudderless particularly incompetent and ineffectual.

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