Corbyn Poppy Comments: New Labour Replaced By Old Xenophobes Says UKIP’S Bingley

Corbyn Poppy Comments: New Labour Replaced By Old Xenophobes Says UKIP’S Bingley.

Jeremy Corbyn’s vile Poppy comments for Commie TV, revealed in today’s Express, could prompt a voter U-turn, says UKIP’s Security Spokesperson, Richard Bingley.

As we move into the centenary month of Russia’s brutal Communist revolution, revelations that Jeremy Corbyn slammed traditional Remembrance Day poppy commemorations, via a Communist social media broadcast in 2013, provides voters with a “wake-up call”, believes UKIP’s Spokesperson for Terrorism and Cyber Security.

“His vile comments might backfire, and provide a reality-check for thousands of those duped voters,” Richard Bingley told The English Channel.

“Although Brexit voters in 2016 outnumbered Labour’s 2017 vote by 4.6m, I’m profoundly concerned that so many millions of people, including many first-timers, backed this Labour leader in particular. These latest comments will hopefully wake up some to the hatred and disrespect this strange man seems to hold against his birth country.”

Bingley continued:

“The comments exposed in today’s Express are, unfortunately, not in the least part surprising. After all, Jeremy Corbyn has gratuitously befriended terrorists, and rampantly supported inhumane, undemocratic, ideologies, since he became an MP. Probably before too.”

“Unfortunately he does not act alone. His Party now repeatedly offer platforms to those who promote bullying and subjugation of women, figures who publicly abuse LGBT communities, as well as those who attack our Jewish communities. Command and control New Labour has been replaced by totalitarian old xenophobes.”

Worryingly, Labour achieved 12.8 million votes under Corbyn in the 2017 general election. That’s 4.2 million more votes than PM Gordon Brown could muster in 2010.


Jeremy Corbyn’s appalling attack on our country is one that must not be tolerated, and we must always remember our duty to defend our history, and those that fought to maintain our future.

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