BOLTON: Save Our Services

This morning UKIP Leader Henry Bolton unveiled UKIP’s brand new national campaign called ‘Save Our Services’. It will be focusing on stopping cuts to the police force, border force and the Armed Forces.

Henry gave a well polished and professional speech pushing UKIP back into the mainstream of politics.

Henry Bolton said: “At the beginning of November the Home Office proposed moving extremists to the top of council housing waiting lists, helping them into education, training or employment and referring them to the NHS for mental health treatment.

Given the situation regarding our homeless veterans, such a suggestion is simply outrageous!

“And you know what, there is an alternative: change the law. The Treason Act should be removed from the Public Order Act and made fit for purpose against returning Jihadi fighters. If they have British passports and have been fighting for, or in any way providing support to this country’s enemies, the answer is not to give them preferential treatment over our own veterans, but is to prosecute them as the traitors they are.”


The human cost of serving our armed forces is clearly not only paid in blood, pain and anguish on the battlefield. It goes well beyond.

Think for a moment, 7,000 homeless servicemen equates to just under 1 in 10 of the entire strength of the army. Now of course not all homeless ex-servicemen are former soldiers, some are former sailors, airmen and marines, but that 1 in 10 figure gives some idea of the scale of the problem.

And it’s not just the individuals themselves who are affected by this. It’s the broken marriages and the anguished parents and children”.

Henry then went on to explain what UKIP would do: “UKIP is clear on the urgent need for a Veterans Administration, headed by a minister. This will provide a single point of contact in relation to healthcare, housing, counselling, education, training rehabilitation, hospital care, access to financial services and benefits.

A UKIP government would build eight veterans’ hostels, each with 200 rooms and modelled on similar hostels already in operation. We would also build 500 affordable rent homes every year specifically for ex-forces personnel.

We would guarantee the offer of a job in the police, prison service or border force for anyone who has served in the Armed Forces for a minimum of 12 years. We will secure our borders, get more police on the streets, have safer prisons and, unlike the Conservative government, we would honour the Military Covenant”.


  1. This is an excellent idea and long overdue. The Military Services have served us for so long, and it is time that we honoured all their work and sacrifice. Their skills are sorely needed in our society now, and it is such a waste of highly-trained and multi-skilled men and women.

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