MESSAGE TO THE TORIES: Stop Cutting Our Police

Police forces have been cut to the bone in this country. No longer can you walk outside and see that ‘bobby on the beat’. They are now all centralised due to budget cuts brought about by a number of Tory governments, the only time you will see the Police now is at presumed target zones for terrorists such as major train stations.

It’s about time we put an immediate STOP to cutting our police forces any further. Yesterday UKIP Leader Henry Bolton announced a new campaign to Save Our Services. This includes putting an immediate stop to cuts to policing, border guards and our armed forces.

The Metropolitan police commissioner has said that these cuts will make it considerably harder for the police to ‘bear down’ on violent crime and extremism.

The Bedfordshire Police Commissioner stated that police will have ‘to give up on minor crimes without a major funding increase’ and that the county risks becoming ‘retail theft capital’ of UK unless more cash is allocated in the budget.

These cuts are not just cuts, they are a direct threat to our national security proving once again the government’s incompetence and lack of will to keep its people safe and secure in their own country.

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  1. If this Government does not increase our police then minor crime will get out of control and it will cost a lot more money to put this right. Wake up Government and smell the coffee.

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