UKIP Lion Bolton Roars on Question Time

UKIP’s new leader, Henry Bolton, tore apart a remainer-dominated BBC Question Time panel last Thursday evening in Scarborough (30/11).

Richard Bingley, a UKIP Shadow Cabinet member, told The English Channel:

“The EU-funded BBC had delayed UKIP representation on Question Time and it’s not difficult to understand why. Put simply, our new leader roasted this biased panel with his superior logic and outside work experience. UKIP is roaring back into life.”

The recently elected UKIP leader, Henry Bolton, is a former British soldier, Thames Valley police officer and international diplomat.

“His life skills shone through,” said Bingley. “Once again, we saw that Britain needs to overhaul our misfiring two-party system with Proportional Representation, so that we can have our laws and policies set by professional, competent and confident patriots. Henry is the epitome of this.”

Paul Oakden, UKIP’s Chairman told members:

“As ever the audience was strangely unreflective of the venue. Scarborough voted 62-38 to Leave, I got the feeling the same couldn’t be said of the people sat in the room”.

“Henry was clear that we owe Brussels nothing and on coastal regions, he was the only panelist that got full support from the audience, pointing out how the legacy parties have let down coastal regions for decades”.

If you didn’t watch the show, or want to witness Henry Bolton’s victory again, please go to:

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