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Top Tories The Bookies Undervalue

endIf Theresa May steps down, who will replace her? The bookies have their favourites: Jacob Rees-Mogg (7/2), Boris Johnson (15/2), Michael Gove (11/1) and Amber Rudd (12/1). Four people the public know well. But, at secret talks between political strategists this week in a Pall Mall club, it was felt that the smarter money might…

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Tory Cuts Have Consequences: Policing in Pairs Makes Us All Safer

A national survey from the Police Federation has reported that 73% of officers were “single-crewed” often or always. Richard Bingley, UKIP’s Shadow Home Affairs spokesperson, said: “Single-crewing has the effect that police officers are isolated and exposed to unacceptable levels of personal risk in many potentially hazardous situations. “In many lone scenarios, it is often…

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UK Information Commissioner: EU GDPR and Cyber Security go ‘hand in hand’

The head of the British organisation responsible for enforcing data security gave a clear sense of direction to businesses about changing official attitudes to personal data acquisition. Elizabeth Denham, a world-renowned data security expert, prior to being appointed in 2016, shared four key principles in the ICO’s direction of travel: 1) “Thinking that GDPR is…

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Fraudulently obtained European insurance cards costing the NHS £20million a year

A health tourism loophole is costing the NHS £20million a year, according to The Sun, a tabloid newspaper. It is believed that millions of fraudsters have taken advantage of the British taxpayer in order to claim free healthcare across Europe, as EU hospitals then claim the cost back from the UK government. The exposure about just…

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Time to Put National Interests Above Party Divides!

UKIP calls on all UK MEPs to “show some national unity” in protecting British fishing communities from damaging European Parliament vote on pulse fishing. UKIP fisheries spokesman, Mike Hookem, has called on all British MEPs to “show some national unity” to defeat EU measures which seek to legitimise and expand the role of electro-pulse fishing in…

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Post Worboys, now is not the time for a massive increase in early release

Following on from the decision of the Parole board to release the sex offender John Warboys the government have introduced the extension of “Home Detention Curfews” (HDCs). “The principle of HDC’s has merit” UKIP Justice spokesman Peter Jewell said, but before a prisoner was released he or she went through a significant vetting procedure by…

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Early Release of Multiple Rapist: UKIP Continue Campaign for Longer Jail Terms

The release of a violent sex offender, known as London’s Black Cab Rapist, after serving just eight years in prison, has been condemned by UKIP’s new Shadow Cabinet Member for Home Affairs. Richard Bingley, a security expert who has campaigned to scrap early release schemes for violent offenders, said: “The release back into the community…

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