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British Government under Sharia Control: New offices governed by ISLAM

It seems that as Parliament is undergoing much needed renovations, MPs and parliamentary officials are to be moved some 91 metres up the road into Richmond House. Richmond House, thanks to George Osbourne’s mission to transform London into a ‘global hub for Islamic finance’ now means that the offices are run under Islamic Law. This…

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Mainstream Media: Spot the Difference

“The leading media are characterised by indefensibly corrupt manipulations of language repeated incessantly”. : Patrick Lawrence in The Nation, August 9, 2017 Many of us are aware of how the mainstream media distort the facts, and so it comes as no surprise to us at The English Channel that certain media outlets, including the BBC…

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FARAGE wants a meeting with Barnier

Westmonster stated in a tweet: “Brexit legend Nigel Farage has challenged Barnier to a showdown. RT if you think he’s too cowardly to accept!” Here is Nigel’s letter in full: Dear Monsieur Barnier, As you appear to be conducting a series of meetings with UK political figures on the issue of Brexit I wish to…

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In a bizarre twist in Catalonia Declaring independence. The Spanish PM has declared that he has thrown every shred of dignity and democracy in the bin by over-turning the independence referendum and has taken to SACKING the entire Catalan Government for declaring independence. The Catalan National Assembly have urged regional civil servants not to cooperate…

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The Catalonian parliament has just voted to officially split from Spain and has in doing so claimed their independence. With 70 in favour, 10 against and two blank. Catalonia has done this only just before the Spanish government is to vote to impose direct rule on it which would see Madrid seize the region’s autonomous powers.…

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UKIP: For The Nation

UKIP ARE BACK! Back fighting. Back Winning. New Brand. New Leader. New Party. The party that brought you Brexit is back with a fresh new image, vision and purpose. UKIP will fight tirelessly and relentlessly for National Revival and a believe in our own country. It’s time to put British first for a change. Henry…

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MAY: Brexit, but in name only

So, yesterday Theresa May gave her big Brexit speech in Florence. Where she was going to prove to the world that she was going to make a success of Brexit. So, did she accomplish her goals? Well, no. Not really. She confirmed a two year transitional deal, where we would loose our MEPs, lose our…

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