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Brexit and Czechxit, Dominate Presidential TV Debate

Prague – The final TV debate of a bitter contest for the Czech presidency, will have sent tremors tonight into Brussels and Strasbourg. Tough-talking veteran, President Miloš Zeman, pledged to hold a referendum on EU membership, if re-elected. Contender Jiří Drahoš, who increasingly sounds like a wetter version of Vince Cable, told Czech National TV…

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Fraudulently obtained European insurance cards costing the NHS £20million a year

A health tourism loophole is costing the NHS £20million a year, according to The Sun, a tabloid newspaper. It is believed that millions of fraudsters have taken advantage of the British taxpayer in order to claim free healthcare across Europe, as EU hospitals then claim the cost back from the UK government. The exposure about just…

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Thanks For The Blue Passport…Now Give Us Back Our British Border Forces

Britain’s immigration minister, Brandon Lewis, announced that the hated burgundy EU passport will be decommissioned in favour of a British ‘true blue’ cover following Brexit. The Great Yarmouth MP told journalists that: “Leaving the EU gives us a unique opportunity to restore our national identity and forge a new path for ourselves in the world.”…

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Brexit Britain Tops Charts for Christmas Shopping

Britons have topped the charts for online Christmas shopping searches. Searching for present ideas, as well as ingredients for our favourite seasonal foods, begins in earnest by September, Google data shows. Keelby in Lincolnshire can boast (or otherwise) to have the highest proportion of Christmas-related online searches. Rhos-on-Sea in Wales came second, while more serious…

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May’s Brexit Betrayal

This week the British government lost a vital vote in the House of Commons. This vote will allow parliament and the Lords to have their own VETO over any Brexit deal. This would mean that remoaner MPs could stop Brexit and halt government negotiations. The government losing the vote proves that  there is a majority…

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