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Corbyn Imperils Falklands, backs Chilean Socialist…and get’s Election Day wrong!

Bumbling Islington revolutionary, Jeremy Corbyn, yesterday rallied his Socialist stormtroopers to back millionaire “progressive” Akejandro Guillier in the final round on Chile’s presidential election. Corbyn breached diplomatic protocol by tweeting support for Guillier, who trails in polls behind centre right favourite Sebastian Pinera. Security analyst and author, Richard Bingley, told The English Channel: “Whether we…

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Corbyn Poppy Comments: New Labour Replaced By Old Xenophobes Says UKIP’S Bingley

Corbyn Poppy Comments: New Labour Replaced By Old Xenophobes Says UKIP’S Bingley. Jeremy Corbyn’s vile Poppy comments for Commie TV, revealed in today’s Express, could prompt a voter U-turn, says UKIP’s Security Spokesperson, Richard Bingley. As we move into the centenary month of Russia’s brutal Communist revolution, revelations that Jeremy Corbyn slammed traditional Remembrance Day…

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UKIP Wins Truth Awards: May’s Leaflets Reported to Trading Standards

UKIP swept the board last night at the English Channel’s 2017 inaugural Campaign Awards held in London. A panel of three expert, independent judges took just ninety seconds to arrive at their unanimous decisions: Award for best Tory attack leaflet: UKIP’s ‘Beware of Scams’ poster of failed remainer Theresa May holding an ‘I’m in’ pro-EU…

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Why does Labour want the EU to obstruct the UK discussing Trade Agreement with other countries?

All the 17 Labour MEPs present in Strasbourg voted against the following amendment: “Insists that the EU must not obstruct or delay any negotiations by the UK Government that seek trade agreements with third countries, provided that such agreements are intended to commence on a date after the end of March 2019; “ UKIP Trade…

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ABBOTT: Doesn’t want white people on Labours short list in some constituencies

Diane Abbott has said Labour should ban white candidates from standing for the party in certain constituencies, in an attempt to increase the number of ethnic minority MPs in parliament. My first thought was, isn’t this a little bit racist. Just a little bit. This is discriminating by the colour of someones skin. “We need…

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