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Tory Cuts Have Consequences: Policing in Pairs Makes Us All Safer

A national survey from the Police Federation has reported that 73% of officers were “single-crewed” often or always. Richard Bingley, UKIP’s Shadow Home Affairs spokesperson, said: “Single-crewing has the effect that police officers are isolated and exposed to unacceptable levels of personal risk in many potentially hazardous situations. “In many lone scenarios, it is often…

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UK Information Commissioner: EU GDPR and Cyber Security go ‘hand in hand’

The head of the British organisation responsible for enforcing data security gave a clear sense of direction to businesses about changing official attitudes to personal data acquisition. Elizabeth Denham, a world-renowned data security expert, prior to being appointed in 2016, shared four key principles in the ICO’s direction of travel: 1) “Thinking that GDPR is…

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Early Release of Multiple Rapist: UKIP Continue Campaign for Longer Jail Terms

The release of a violent sex offender, known as London’s Black Cab Rapist, after serving just eight years in prison, has been condemned by UKIP’s new Shadow Cabinet Member for Home Affairs. Richard Bingley, a security expert who has campaigned to scrap early release schemes for violent offenders, said: “The release back into the community…

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Thanks For The Blue Passport…Now Give Us Back Our British Border Forces

Britain’s immigration minister, Brandon Lewis, announced that the hated burgundy EU passport will be decommissioned in favour of a British ‘true blue’ cover following Brexit. The Great Yarmouth MP told journalists that: “Leaving the EU gives us a unique opportunity to restore our national identity and forge a new path for ourselves in the world.”…

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Manchester Report highlights need to prosecute all returning Jihadis, says UKIP’s Bingley

Today’s report, into the devastating 2017 Manchester arena murders, only serve to tell the British public what we knew already. That the culprit, is one of many thousands of Islamist terrorists within our country, who is permitted almost absolute freedom to prepare and conduct acts terrorism, by a weak and incompetent Conservative government. Richard Bingley,…

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Crackdown on drones now, or face a security catastrophe, says UKIP’s counter-terrorism chief

Several weeks ago The English Channel launched with a spectacular exclusive report that ISIS had used chemical warfare agents in Iraq; against Kurdish troops and civilian villages. These field reports were brought to us by respected Kurdish researchers; the type who knew what they were talking about, because their families and colleagues had witnessed nerve…

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BOLTON: Save Our Services

This morning UKIP Leader Henry Bolton unveiled UKIP’s brand new national campaign called ‘Save Our Services’. It will be focusing on stopping cuts to the police force, border force and the Armed Forces. Henry gave a well polished and professional speech pushing UKIP back into the mainstream of politics. Henry Bolton said: “At the beginning…

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