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FARAGE Backs Bolton to Survive

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage in a brutally honest yet inspiring article wrote about how he believed that Henry’s constitutional reform plans could be the golden key to saving UKIP from electoral oblivion. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Farage spoke of the Party’s need to “reform” it’s NEC or face future electoral oblivion. NEC member…

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FARAGE: People who believe Putin fixed the election are ‘Crackpot Conspiracists’

Nigel Farage in an interview on the Daily Politics blasted what he describes as ‘crackpot conspiracists’ for suggesting that Putin or Russia fiddled in the 2016 Presidential Election or the EU Referendum. Nigel stated “Never have I seen any evidence that Russia in any way, played a significant role in the UK referendum. The answer is…

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FARAGE wants a meeting with Barnier

Westmonster stated in a tweet: “Brexit legend Nigel Farage has challenged Barnier to a showdown. RT if you think he’s too cowardly to accept!” Here is Nigel’s letter in full: Dear Monsieur Barnier, As you appear to be conducting a series of meetings with UK political figures on the issue of Brexit I wish to…

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MAY: Brexit, but in name only

So, yesterday Theresa May gave her big Brexit speech in Florence. Where she was going to prove to the world that she was going to make a success of Brexit. So, did she accomplish her goals? Well, no. Not really. She confirmed a two year transitional deal, where we would loose our MEPs, lose our…

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So Junker’s State of the Union summary: more Europe, EU Army, and less democracy. So as you may be able to guess Nigel would pipe up. He said: “Mr Juncker, that was the most open, honest and most worrying speech I ever heard. What you’re saying is: Brexit has happened, full steam ahead!” Attacking European proposals to introduce…

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