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Henry Bolton has reiterated his and his party’s opposition to a second referendum, “UKIP policy on a second referendum remains unchanged. The party opposes a second referendum.” “I am convinced that the Leave side would win a second referendum, should one be held, with an even larger majority than before. Many remain voters can now… Keep Reading

Time to Put National Interests Above Party Divides!

UKIP calls on all UK MEPs to “show some national unity” in protecting British fishing communities from damaging European Parliament vote on pulse fishing. UKIP fisheries spokesman, Mike Hookem, has called on all British MEPs to “show some national unity” to defeat EU measures which seek to legitimise and expand the role of electro-pulse fishing in… Keep Reading

Post Worboys, now is not the time for a massive increase in early release

Following on from the decision of the Parole board to release the sex offender John Warboys the government have introduced the extension of “Home Detention Curfews” (HDCs). “The principle of HDC’s has merit” UKIP Justice spokesman Peter Jewell said, but before a prisoner was released he or she went through a significant vetting procedure by… Keep Reading

Early Release of Multiple Rapist: UKIP Continue Campaign for Longer Jail Terms

The release of a violent sex offender, known as London’s Black Cab Rapist, after serving just eight years in prison, has been condemned by UKIP’s new Shadow Cabinet Member for Home Affairs. Richard Bingley, a security expert who has campaigned to scrap early release schemes for violent offenders, said: “The release back into the community… Keep Reading

Six of the Best Reasons Brexit Ushers in UK Global Trade Gains

With just over one year to go until our nation can decide our own international trade policies again, here’s some reminders as to why so many businesses and economists are really excited by Brexit: The rise of emerging economies (non EU) will generate up to 70% of global growth until 2025 (University of Maryland School… Keep Reading

Tory Dishonours System: Arise Sir Brown Nose

With Brexit tantalisingly close, it’s now time for UKIP, and other patriotic Parties, to turn their fire onto constitutional corruption at home. The so-called ‘elevation’ of failed politicians into knighthoods and peerages, and a fixed financial position of lifelong bankrolling, by us taxpayers, as they sit in the House of Lords, is a moral obscenity. Not… Keep Reading

A Merry Christmas Greeting from The English Channel

Many people love this time of year. The lights, the decorations, the presents, the family gatherings and all the rest. It’s like the whole world is ready to celebrate. But celebrate what? May I encourage you to keep Jesus Christ, the true meaning and reason for the season, central in all your Christmas celebrations this… Keep Reading

Passports: They mean nothing; they mean everything

What is it about the proposed change to the colour of the United Kingdom passport? After all it is a minor technical change in an official document, as important as going down to B&Q to get a lick of paint for the front room. It means pretty much nothing, but it also means pretty much… Keep Reading

Thanks For The Blue Passport…Now Give Us Back Our British Border Forces

Britain’s immigration minister, Brandon Lewis, announced that the hated burgundy EU passport will be decommissioned in favour of a British ‘true blue’ cover following Brexit. The Great Yarmouth MP told journalists that: “Leaving the EU gives us a unique opportunity to restore our national identity and forge a new path for ourselves in the world.”… Keep Reading

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