We heard a few days ago that failed PM Tony Blair was meeting with top EU chiefs. We now know he was calling for the EU to allow the UK to take control of its immigration system. All sounds good eh? No, because this means staying in the anti-democratic EU. After opening the doors to our country, Tony Blair is willing to abandon his morals to keep us in the EU. BLAIR, WHAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND. WE WANT OUT!

Farage shows his displeasure (to put it politely) on LBC ripping into Blair by calling his actions ‘hypocrisy behind the pale’. What will these people stretch to to keep us in the EU?

Having clearly backtracked on many years of work claiming that any attempt to control immigration was simply feeling the far-right, Blair has not uttered one very important word. Sorry. Blair does have a track record of apologising for his various FAILINGS as PM, so maybe, just maybe we may get an apology for this.

The former Ukip leader said: “So, it’s 2017 Mr Blair. And you’ve written that open door immigration leads to people’s wages becoming lower, leads to people struggling to get access to public services.

“Oh, and also Mr Blair apparently it leads to problems of integration in Britain’s towns and cities.

“And you’ve done all of this by saying that no longer are the policies I had as Prime Minister appropriate.

“No apology. No admission that what you did was wrong. No concept of what you’ve done to towns and cities all over this country.”




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