London has retained and increased its lead as the best place to do business according to the globally respected Z/Yen global financial centers index. This is of course ‘Despite Brexit’.

Christopher Mills, UKIP’s business spokesman said,
“The only people who seem to be surprised at this are those who have spent the last 18 months, both before and after last year’s referendum, swearing blind that the UK and its economy are going to hell in a economic handcart. We are not, we are doing very well.

“Only last month Deustche Bank announced a huge commitment to London when it signed a 25 year deal on major new headquarters, and signs of serious movement are few and far between in other financial institutions.

“But don’t take it from me or UKIP”, said Mr Mills, “This is what the European Parliament itself said in December, “The place of London as a major financial centre largely predates the single market and relies on a dynamic business environment, the predictability of the British legal system, the worldwide use of English as language for business, and the attractiveness of a cosmopolitan city.”

He went on, “London is a great city, to live in, to work in and to grow in, Brexit if anything will enlarge on these benefits. It is worth noting that the top five in the index are non EU cities, London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo”.

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