Diane Abbott has said Labour should ban white candidates from standing for the party in certain constituencies, in an attempt to increase the number of ethnic minority MPs in parliament.

My first thought was, isn’t this a little bit racist. Just a little bit. This is discriminating by the colour of someones skin.

“We need to revisit the campaign for all-black shortlists,” said Abbott, discussing ways to increase the influence of black, Asian, and ethnic minority (BAME) activists in Labour.

Abbott is one of Corbyn’s closest allies, yet it is still unknown if he is backing Diane’s fight for a racial discrimination on Labours shortlists.

Abbott’s call for all-black shortlists was backed by Claudia Webbe, who sits on Labour’s ruling national executive committee and will be taking part in the forthcoming review of Labour’s internal processes.

“All-women shortlists have returned – essentially, white women,” she said. “That has meant there is a democratic deficit in terms of black and ethnic minority women.

“What we need to do is return and have all-black shortlists. In areas where there are black-majority cities, like Leicester, we ought to consider black shortlists. That isn’t beyond our thinking.”

I am quite disgusted by Abbott’s call, which is clearly both sexist and racist.


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