The European Central Bank (ECB) yesterday opened a flash new visitor centre, but this is the latest in a long line of spending on itself.

Jonathan Arnott MEP who speaks for the party on Budget matters attacked the spending,
“The ECB runs the Euro, but seems to love spending them on itself. This year alone it put out a tender for catering amounting to Eur 25 million over 4 years, which is £464,000 per month at today’s exchange rates. What on earth are they feeding the bankers, the lifeblood of Mediterranean workers?

“Other excess spending includes Eur £1.2 million on “VIP limousines” and Eur 800,000 just to curate its art collection.

Arnott said,
“This is utterly out of order, the banking Eurocracy are behaving as if they were pre revolutionary aristocrats at Versailles, rather than the people who have overseen the destruction of southern European Economies and millions of lives over the past few years. I can’t imagine what they might have spent if they had a successful currency?

“Back to the gleaming new visitor centre. Don’t think it’s easy to visit or particularly transparent. If you want to visit it you need to give them 4 weeks’ notice and they will vet you; if you come from the wrong country you might not get in”.

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