This morning Westmonster’s Patrick Christys was invited onto Sunday Morning Live to discuss the problem of the mass influx of migrants into this country, and could we do more to help with the problem.

Christys took a logical and reasoned approach saying that ‘Our infrastructure isn’t good enough to cope with a massive influx of other people’, the biased BBC interviewer suggested that he may not have the same view about letting these people into our country if they were, for example Austrailians. Patrick quickly shot this down making the interviewer look a little foolish.

The BBC interviewer said “Would you be saying the same if there was a war on Australia and the Australians wanted to come here?”

Christys quickly responds “Yeah, why wouldn’t I. I kind of resent that comment to be perfectly honest with you”

Christys went on to say “We’ve got 105,000 people here who have been waiting 5 years or more for social housing, we’ve got nurses going to food banks, we’ve got people dying in terrible conditions in hospitals, the education system is crumbling under the pressure.” If we cannot look after our own people properly under this Tory government, what makes us think that we can successfully look after tens, or even hundreds of thousands of refugees.


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