The President of the European Commission’s latest comments about Brexit are about as bizarre as anything heard about the subject. He has claimed among other things that it was the European currency that stopped a land war in Europe breaking out.
Included among Juncker’s comments’ were,  ‘If we didn’t have [the euro] we would have tremendous conflict and consequences, including not just military war but also economic difficulties. We’d be much, much more impoverished too without our single currency.’
Gerard Batten MEP, the UKIP Brexit spokesman responded,
“On the one hand Juncker thanks UK for saving Europe by resisting the Germans in 1939 and then raises the preposterous notion that the Euro has saved Europe. The eurozone is destroying Europe, in particular Greece and Italy. He also demands £47 billion to even open the next round of talks about Trade.
“The man is sitting their demanding that Santa provide him with a pony, a Caribbean Island and a lifetime’s supply of Chateaux Lafite. Somebody ought to tell him the truth about Santa, but I don’t want to ruin his daydreams.
“Juncker has lost the plot, if he ever had it. Brexit negotiations have descended into farce. We need to stand up to the playground bullies of Brussels and let them know we are leaving, with or without their blessing.”

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