Remy Osman, 24, a history graduate from the University of Warwick, put up Vote Leave posters which were branded racist by students

‘During the referendum campaign last year, pro-Brexit students had to brave a lot of abuse for voicing their opinion on campus. The default position of the majority of academics was, ‘Of course you’ll all vote Remain as you are educated’.

‘One morning a few of us put up some Vote Leave posters around the campus. They were all ripped down by 9am with people associated with the Students’ Union gleefully celebrating this.

‘I remember the rhetoric being along the lines of celebrating stripping the campus of ‘racist’ posters.’ Last night a spokesman for the University of Warwick, said: ‘Academics and researchers have the same right to political views as anyone else.’


In yet another report on freedom of speech in universities, it is becoming increasingly apparent that UK universities no longer serve their purpose as ‘free-thinking institutions’, and are becoming EU funded indoctrination tools, attacking the minds of our young people, and destroying their intellectual capacity for reasoned thought and the ability to debate.



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