Today it has emerged that A Politics lecturer at Warwick, gave a lecture today mocking the Daily Mail’s “witch hunt for ‘Remainer’ universities.

In an act documented by ‘Snapchat’, a social media app used by many students, the lecturer started the first year Introduction to Politics lecture by discussing the fact a hotline now exists for reporting university lecturers who are biased over Brexit.

This unsurprising move by a university lecturer is one of many reports of biased teaching at UK universities, as we see mainstream media outlets such as The Daily Mail and The Telegraph releasing articles about the continued stifling of freedom of speech and more disturbing reports that a student graduation ceremony was ruined by a professor using it to warn about leaving the EU.

Universities used to have a historic reputation of being the place where students go to expand their minds, learn new perspectives, and grow their understanding of world affairs, yet they have transformed into left-wing echo chambers with little space for debate or understanding.



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