Michael Adebolajo, one of the jihadis who murdered Lee Rigby, has been allowed to preach extremism to inmates at a jail holding terrorists, raising critical questions about how British prisons tackle extremism.

Adebolajo was able to rant to the other inmates, despite being moved to a new Islamist terror separation unit at Frankland prison, County Durham, from another jail.

Adebolajo butchered soldier Lee, 25, with fellow fanatic Michael Adebowale near Woolwich barracks in South East London in 2013.

Reports of his jail rants come after a judge was told the murderer had converted other convicts to Islam when held at high-security Belmarsh prison. Adebolajo was then moved to the Frankland “jihadi jail” unit after the incident.

The unit was set up to house the UK’s most extreme Islamist terrorists and suspects, and past inmates at Frankland include Islamist hate preacher Anjem Choudary, Kamal Bourgass, who killed police officer Stephen Oake and Tanvir Hussain, who was jailed for trying to blow up jets.

There are currently more than 130 convicted Islamist terrorists in UK jails, with numbers having risen sharply in recent years.

This appalling attack on our legal system and its operation in UK prisons is a further example of how Islamist extremism remains a poignant issue, and raises more concerns about how we hope to tackle it.

However, with reports that the Government will be giving jihadis council houses and other support as part of de-radicalisation programmes, we are seeing no signs that the issue of extremism is being tackled. Instead, our Government is effectively allowing known terrorists to walk our streets, increasing the risk and likelihood of terror activity in the UK.

Known terrorists will continue to be radicalised inside our prisons, and amassing a following of fellow extremists, before returning to the streets to perform more sinister and violent attacks on British way of life, and we are seeing no action from the UK Government to tackle this, only politically correct extremist apologists who are blind to the real threat that is facing our country.







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