As the mainstream media have started to move away from the migrant crisis issue. Many believe it has simply gone away, but recently a van has been stopped by Greek police, which was found to have 50, yes 50 migrants from the middle-east. Who had reportedly paid €1,500 each for illegal transportation to Greece. There were 30 from Syria, 19 from Iraq and 1 from Afghanistan.

This just proves that this human trafficking problem we have in Europe is still growing and simply ignoring the problem is not going to make it go away. The number of refugees coming into Greece via Turkey has risen by 200% since August.

Surely, surely, the EU must be starting to see that freedom of movement is a security risk and needs to be removed immediately.


  1. No the eu is dim, daft incompetent in all their schemes, farmin, fishin, I dread to think if they become in charge of any military. They are good at suckin eggs though.

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