It has been revealed by ORB International that the public’s perception of Theresa Mays competency in Brexit negotiations is at an all time low. This shows that an eye watering 66% of people are dissatisfied with the current Brexit negotiations. This has risen massively since the Government introduced their Notification of Withdrawal Bill back in January.

It seems people are quickly seeing through Theresa May’s Strong and Stable strap line and beginning to understand that she really has no intention of a successful, positive Brexit deal. Theresa May is the leader of this country, it should therefore be her number one priority to enact the will of the British people by securing us a real Brexit that will allow us to compete on the world stage. Rather than a mealy-mouthed Brexit, that basically, is just Brexit in name only.

I’m sorry Theresa, but if you’re incapable of negotiating an adequate Brexit deal then we should simply leave without one. Nigel Farage stated in an interview with RT that “No trade deal with the EU is still better than what the UK has now”. Therefore the point of a deal with the European Union is to make us financially better off, not than remaining in the EU, but than a ‘no deal’ scenario. If Theresa May cannot accomplish this task, then we must head for the next best option which is to leave without a deal. The US President Donald Trump is one of many that have already expressed an interest in a quick free trade deal with the UK post-Brexit.


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