The UK has become a happier place since the Brexit vote, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which showed small improvements over the year to the end of June – the first 12-month period since the EU referendum.

However, the changes are led by improvements in England, as the only part of the UK to record improved ratings for life satisfaction, happiness and a sense that what we do in life is worthwhile. There was no change in reported personal wellbeing recorded in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, all of which disproportionally votes against Brexit.

Traditional barometers of economic strength have painted a gloomy picture of the UK in the year since the Brexit vote, yet the new statistics reveal that we are happier and more satisfied with life, something which the mainstream media has previously failed to mention.


Today on LBC, Nigel Farage had a long list of business news to celebrate:

From the FTSE 100 hitting record highs to the continuing growth in UK manufacturing, there is evidence to suggest that the UK is doing better than the mainstream media and politicians are making out.

And, after delivering his update, Nigel said: “There’s plenty of good news out there, it isn’t all misery, we’re doing absolutely fine and if we sort Brexit out we’ll be doing better still.”





  1. Yes I agree it is getting better and the establishment do not want you to know this so they can manipulate peoples thinking. I think they are losing the plot as more and of us are finding out and realising their game is being more and more exposed as time goes on. Yes things will continue getting better in our economy.

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