He has faced up to bullies.

He has faced down snowflakes.

He has upset the flaky political establishment at home and abroad.

He is the man Who Made America Great Again.

For sure, many people are queasy. And so many officials and business leaders bulked when he called a megalomaniacal dictator with illegal nuclear weapons a “rocket man”.

But, we at The English Channel, who want to make England Great Again, would rather have a friend in the White House with nerves of steel and a loyalty to democracy, than a fair-weather friend who tells us to get to the back of the queue when all we ask for is democracy.

Donald H Trump is a successful businessman who has employed thousands of staff and brought billions of dollars into the American economy.

Oh, how we would love to be able to say the same thing about our political leaders. Most of them have clambered up the greasy, taxpayer-funded pole of party bureaucracies, quangos, and extremist PC educational establishments.

In short, our present political establishment, is the polar opposite of this brave, honest POTUS administration.

In England, we are a country that can look back on more than a thousand years of legal development and democratic progress. Until recently.

This is because so few of our elected politicians have but one fraction of Donald Trump’s tenacity, courage and foresight. He leads his new nation back onto the path of democratic sovereignty and personal responsibility.

So, we commend the new POTUS’s first year in office. We only wish that he had a twin brother (or sister) that he could lend to our spineless and self serving ministers and MP’s for at least the next three years.

Sir, we salute you.

Yours Sincerely,

The English Channel


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