The world’s least successful media owner, silver-spooned zalupa, Egveny Lebedev, socialite owner of the defunct Independent newspaper, has been condemned tonight for running an inflammatory news article panning Brexit voters and poppy wearers.

The English Channel’s Communications Director, Maude Drivell, said: “Lebedev’s criticism of 17.4 million Brits who voted for Brexit is rather surprising, as perhaps he needs us more than we need him.”

In 2016 the printed Independent title collapsed with less than 55,000 readers, fewer readers than a local newspaper might sell to a provincial district.

Lebedev is not new to warped, elitist outbursts. In 2012 Lebedev enthusiastically tweeted his support for media barons to directly access politicians at the Leveson hearings into media corruption.

He reportedly tweeted:

“Forgot to tell #Leveson that it’s unreasonable to expect individuals to spend £millions on newspapers and not have access to politicians.”

Egveny Lebedev acquired the London Evening Standard and the Independent from his father, Alexander Lebedev, a billionaire businessman and former KGB agent.

Clearly talented at self promotion, this global news oligarch appears mercilessly remote from tens of millions of hard working Britons who love democracy perhaps a little bit more than a billionaire propagandist.

Not that many Brexiteers will be reading the Independent anyway (or remainers for that matter), please wear your poppy with pride tomorrow.

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