It seems that as Parliament is undergoing much needed renovations, MPs and parliamentary officials are to be moved some 91 metres up the road into Richmond House.

Richmond House, thanks to George Osbourne’s mission to transform London into a ‘global hub for Islamic finance’ now means that the offices are run under Islamic Law. This means no alcohol on the premises.

Andrew Bridgen stated for The Express “I do find it unbelievable government buildings are governed by Sharia Law”.

It has been revealed that the lease terms state that the building is to be run under Islamic law. A Whitehall official told The Times

“It’s true. If MPs want to use Richmond House they’d better give up any hopes it will include a bar”.

This really brings home just how real the influence of this unofficial and horrific legal system has on this great nation and indeed our government. It has also been revealed by The Express that the Treasury actually agreed to make THREE government buildings including Richmond House a ‘Sharia Zone’. This is apparently not to put off investors wanting to set up Islamic banks here in London.

I personally find this not only abhorrent, but quite frankly anti-British. When is this government going to wake up and tackle the problem caused by Sharia Law and any other legal system based in this country that is anything other than British Law.


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