Theresa May is going to line up an additional 20 billion pounds ($26 billion) to the European Union as part of a Brexit divorce bill.

The EU has insisted that talks cannot move onto future relations, including a transition deal, until it is satisfied that, “Sufficient progress” has been reached on these issues. For how much longer can Britain put up with the EU bullies?

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, warned Britain last week that it had just two weeks to make its position clear on the so-called divorce bill to have any chance of talks moving onto future relations this year.

EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has urged London to say how far it is ready to go to “honour its obligations” to end the impasse.

Except Mr Barnier, the UK has always paid more into the EU budget than it gets back. In 2016, the UK government £13.1 billion to the EU budget, and EU spending on the UK was forecast to be £4.5 billion. So the UK’s ‘net contribution’ was estimated at about £8.6 billion.

What we ‘owe’ the EU in this divorce bill is still unclear, and the media continue to offer a rather skewed and misleading report on the goings on in Brussels. The EU’s shocking demands for billions of pounds must not be ignored by those who fought incredibly hard to get Britain out.

We must take a stand against a Government clearly set to keep us inside the EU, and ensure democracy wins in our battle against the establishment.


  1. I do not wish my Tax payments to go to the Greedy EU Nazi Party. The EU Bully Nazi Party Via Merkel has far too much power for one country !!! It seems as though Merkel has whatt the EU is and has become the Dictator of Europe and the Rest of the weak willed idiots in the Commission and the UK PM and Ministers are giving way to one Person. IE The EU Nazi Dictator Merkel . The EU is bigger than this and Merkel must not be allowed to Dictate her own Punisments and Requirements to any country within the EU Membership.. No Excuses May. Leave means Leave. No Divorce Bill. No Payments until a proper Reasonable deal is sorted out with conditions on payment of any Blackmail Money !! Leave Today MAY !!!! We Are Watching !!!!!

  2. Merkel If the UK Has a Bill to Pay the Bill it has undertook to pay the U will pay its dues, as we always have !!!. However a Bill is not paid until the Invoice is received and Checked. that is the way business is conducted throughout he whole world !!!! Merkel you are acting as if you are Adolf Hitler. Leader of the German Fascist Party. In Fact you have become Adolf Hitler the Leader of the EU Fascist Commission and Nazi Party. Germany you still owe The Greek Government Billions that was stolen during the 2nd world war by Adolf Hitler and German Politicians, When will you repay this money Merkel, the Greeks would not have needed a payout if this was Repaid. Also how about your Debt Merkel that was written off by the Rest of the World in 1953. That is never mentioned by a strong Germany. If it were to be repaid Germany would be bankrupt !!!! The Greek Seizure of assets is actually a War Crime and should be investigated and Enforced by the War Crime Commission. No Excuses. Merkel have become over Arrogant and act well above her Pay Grade. Obviously the Rest of the EU Nazi Commission at terrified of upsetting her. Shame on you all. Britain and other countries are still paying your massive War Debts Adolf Merkel. I think you should disqualify yourself from any involvement in the Brexit negotiations and let the Negotiators get on with it !!!!! The UK Should also look for Guarantees that the payments will not escalate and The EU Nazi Commission will not return for more. there should also be Conditions laid down on the Fiscal Settlement that is Paid. What are We paying for !!!! What continued Benefit will the UK receive for the payments !!!! There are many unanswered questions that require clarification from the EU Nazi Commission before a penny can be paid in to your Corrupt Dying System !!!!

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