We have now had time to digest the deal Mrs. May has come away with from the EU’s negotiating team, I just hope that the House, when it is laid before them reject it strongly. It is totally what the EU wanted. Mrs. May has done absolutely no negotiating at all. She has given the EU what they said they were going to have, Mrs. May has always been a strong “Remain” anyway. Check her speeches on the runup to June 2016

Initially when £50 Billion was being bandied about it was said then by Boris Johnson MP just how preposterous the figure was, and today we find the figure is only just below that. The whole thing is as dishonest as David Cameron’s “I’ve got it reduced” when he hadn’t, only spread out.  When earlier the EU negotiators were pumping up Mrs. May’s skills as a negotiator I shuddered and wondered what EU skullduggery they were up to, and now I and the rest of the world knows. Now is the time for the House of Commons to reject the proposed agreement and do a “no deal” as a good number of the electorate have always known should be the case. They even give a figure with a .9 in it to look less.

The truth is that when Mrs. May shows any metal and withdraws, the EU will come running up our path asking for a deal and pay us what we ask because GB is a major trade outlet to the EU and without GB  Volvo, Mercedes, Renault, and Seat will all catch a cold, France will lose because of its involvement in our Town Halls. Germany will certainly be underwhelmed because of the money it has been able to cream off the top from our Rail Industry to subsidize their own. plus its tentacles in our water boards. No there is a thousand reasons we should walk away without giving the EU a deal and paying them Billions. We can then use that money to build a hard border with Brussels. And as for GB still remaining under the Brussels cash for a further two years after we leave, it is ludicrous. “Walk away Mrs. May”

By Raymond Richards

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