So, when people come over to this country to live and work, I think it’s fair to expect that they can support themselves in this country. So if migrants are coming over to the UK simply to live on the streets, surely the Home Office should have the ability to deport them back to their country of origin.

However, unsurprisingly I suppose the High Court has ruled that the government cannot deport homeless EU migrants, even if they are committing various civil offences. This apparently breaks ‘freedom of movement’ rules. So hopefully, if Theresa May delivers Brexit and not BrINO, then this will hopefully change.

The Sun/Westmonster reported that ONE FIFTH of all rough sleepers in England are from the European Union, and in London that’s 37%!

So, once again, and I’m getting a bit bored of typing this. EU law is running supreme over UK law, and the British people have demanded it to end, so PLEASE Theresa May, GET ON WITH IT.


  1. Our Backstabbing, Useless, Pathetic, Treacherous Politicians and Ministers should make the EU Pay for their Repatriation once they have committed a criminal offence !!!! No Excuses Politicos !!! Your Time is very nearly up. The Riots and Anarchy you are creating in this country, are coming for your massive mishandling of Legal and Illegal Immigration !!!!

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