This week the British government lost a vital vote in the House of Commons. This vote will allow parliament and the Lords to have their own VETO over any Brexit deal. This would mean that remoaner MPs could stop Brexit and halt government negotiations. The government losing the vote proves that  there is a majority in parliament of MPs that do not respect the will of the people, the electors, that pay their salaries.

UKIP Leader Henry Bolton said: “Theresa May is claiming that she has got an agreement that will start to pull us out of the European Union, what utter tosh.”

When she is saying that we will remain fully aligned to the Single Market, how can she claim she is fighting for the best deal for Britain?

We must send one big fat message to the House of Commons saying, remember, YOU WORK FOR US. It is their job to enact the will of the British people, and they have asked, no demanded that Britain leaves the European Union.

This gives remoaners great power to put pressure on Theresa May’s government to keep us in the Single Market and the Customs Union post Brexit as she will need to be confident that any deal will pass a commons vote.

We voted for Brexit, not BrINO!

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