Bumbling Islington revolutionary, Jeremy Corbyn, yesterday rallied his Socialist stormtroopers to back millionaire “progressive” Akejandro Guillier in the final round on Chile’s presidential election.

Corbyn breached diplomatic protocol by tweeting support for Guillier, who trails in polls behind centre right favourite Sebastian Pinera.

Security analyst and author, Richard Bingley, told The English Channel:

“Whether we like it or not, Mr Corbyn is in a position of responsibility as official Opposition Leader and potential UK Prime Minister. He should resist the urge to back any side in a foreign election. In any diplomatic scenario, if he backs the wrong horse, he’s at least gambling with UK jobs and defence cooperation.

“But in this example it is potentially far worse. It is feasible to say that without material help from Chile, Britain would not have been able to save the Falkland Islands back in 1982, and sadly many of these geopolitical and trading dynamics have not gone away.”

To the embarrassment of Labour officials, Corbyn’s tweet sending “best wishes” to Guillier in presidential elections “today” was issued on Saturday, when indeed they are occurring today (Sunday 17th December). When will England actually elect a leader with an eye for detail eh…

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