A cyber security expert has backed this week’s move by the UK government to attribute blame for the 2017 WannaCry ransomware attack on the North Korean state government of Kim Jong Un.

Richard Bingley, a security academic and information security author told the English Channel:

“I think this is a sensible marker to put down. The attack was conducted by a state-assisted cyber criminal group that caused terrible damage to British companies and our NHS back in May 2017.”

A couple of months ago, US Cyber Command, attacked North Korea’s intelligence agency with a denial of service attack for more than a week.

“This was done in pure retaliation against a state-sponsored cyber hacking army known by the nom de guerre of ‘Lazarus'” Bingley explained.

Lazarus have conducted hugely damaging operations against US companies including Sony for more than five years.

Ransomware accounts for some £12bn of damage to the global economy, report firm CyberSecurity Ventures.

During May 2017 many NHS operations were cancelled due to the Lazarus ransomware attack, where computers were frozen until owners paid a ransom or fixed their systems.

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