Britons have topped the charts for online Christmas shopping searches.

Searching for present ideas, as well as ingredients for our favourite seasonal foods, begins in earnest by September, Google data shows.

Keelby in Lincolnshire can boast (or otherwise) to have the highest proportion of Christmas-related online searches. Rhos-on-Sea in Wales came second, while more serious folks in Burnham, in London’s outskirts, came bottom of the league.

The UK data shows a nation becoming obsessed with Christmas, planning as early as September.

UK searches are a third higher than the USA, but the Americans tend to focus on Thanksgiving in late November.

By December’s beginning, half our Christmas shopping is done. Some £6bn is spent on Christmas advertising.

As housing price predictions show a slow but steady rise outside of London for next year, the data is another sign that the UK economy stands resilient after a tumultuous 2017.

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