With Brexit tantalisingly close, it’s now time for UKIP, and other patriotic Parties, to turn their fire onto constitutional corruption at home.

The so-called ‘elevation’ of failed politicians into knighthoods and peerages, and a fixed financial position of lifelong bankrolling, by us taxpayers, as they sit in the House of Lords, is a moral obscenity.

Not necessarily because of what they’ve said or who they are.

After all, plenty of anti-British xenophobes have been given a peerages of late. (What a coincidence.)

The problem is that these individuals have rarely contributed anything. They are TAKERS.

They have already been massively paid and rewarded for their ‘public service’.

When they reach retirement age, they will receive tax funded, gilt-edged pensions, for the amount of monthly cash we ordinary mortals can only dream of.

And they already have legions of staff to handle all of the onerous tasks – printing speeches, looking after kids, booking first class travel, filling out tax returns, ordering curries, etc. – the kind of physical support that most families would love but can’t afford.

But here’s our main gripe.

Our country is in a historic quagmire of debt (90% of GDP)… thanks mainly to these financially illiterate cretins.

Moreover, the real British heroes are the 5 million or so who trudge to work only to subsist on the minimum wage. Many of our working heroes can’t afford to live near their work, and are forced to pay up to 25% of their wages on shite public transport.

In the past two decades, such hardworking citizens (let’s call these heroes ‘CONTRIBUTORS’) have somehow survived on around one grand a month, while, for example, Nick Clegg has creamed around £1.5m over that time from British and European taxpayers as a direct ‘public service’ salary.

Let us explain. Almost £80k per annum in direct wages as a Euro MEP from 1999 to 2004. Then an average salary of around £62k between 2005-10. Then an annual salary of £130,000 as the heinously self-serving Deputy PM between 2010 and 2015. Remember that travel, food, second mortgage interest, etc, are also largely paid for, by us, as business ‘expenses’. (It has also been reported that Clegg draws a salary for being a former deputy PM, but we are unable to verify this.)

Feeling sick yet?

At least Sir Nick Clegg had the tact not to accept a House of Lords peerage. Many Cameron cronies didn’t. Some 45 others accepted. As with signing up to a Euro Superstate, now spawning an EU Army, this generation of Conservatives are brazen enemies to our own society’s steadfast principles; democracy and meritocracy.

As taxpayers, what should we do?

It’s time to shut down the circus that is Britain’s unelected House of Lords once and for all.

It is vital that UKIP and other Parties commit to this in their manifestos. (UKIP did in 2017 but few noticed.)

Who could blame our future historians for looking back on the use and abuse of Britain’s so-called ‘Honours’ system as akin to a brazen form of political fraud that would have reddened the cheeks of Moscow or Tehran’s worst despots?

Brexit is but the first step to a modern and fair democracy. Those who say ‘job done’ really should recharge their batteries. The march for our human rights, and our social justice, has only just begun.

The English Channel wish all of our readers a peaceful and happy 2018.


  1. Excellent post fully agreeing with its content. There is no call for knighthoods and peerages today and even minor honours should be strictly limited to bravery and unpaid voluntary work.
    We need to know exactly what kind of second chamber UKIP would replace the House of Lords with.

  2. basically the house of lords should be a body of people who have contributed too british society in a non political way comprising of ex soldiers of repute , citizens who have contributed to the welfare of the country and its people in a NON political way ,ALL politicians should be excluded from these honours unless voted for by the people in a one off annual lottery.PMs should not be allowed to fill the lords with cronies of their parties

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