With just over one year to go until our nation can decide our own international trade policies again, here’s some reminders as to why so many businesses and economists are really excited by Brexit:

The rise of emerging economies (non EU) will generate up to 70% of global growth until 2025 (University of Maryland School of Business)

Emerging market cities will account for half of the world’s population (Credit Suisse). We can sell directly to our new friends at street-level and their governments.

India and China’s investment into infrastructure is well beyond $1 trillion, each. We can negotiate and market British services and products to each of these developing giants (Economist Intelligence Unit)

Private consumption accounts for less than half of GDP in emerging economies. But it accounts for 70% in Europe and America. Our consumers are almost maxed out! This means that private household consumption in emerging markets – outside Europe and America – is predicted to massively rise from around $12tn to $30tn by 2025 (McKinsey & Co.). For context, this amount is 1.5 times bigger than the entire USA economy.

40% of global growth will come from second-tier emerging market cities, at least until 2025 (McKinsey & Co.) British business and ministers can directly and flexibly negotiate with both national and city authorities in these locations after Brexit.

The growth of emerging market cities is a phenomenon that will create one billion new consumers by 2025 (EIU and McKinsey & Co.) British ministers and firms will be able to directly negotiate and network with overseas cities, Chambers of Commerce, enterprise partnerships… and the like… without being shunted out of the way and put in a straightjacket by burdensome Brussels.

Happy New Year. 450 days to go…

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