(PRAGUE) Czech President, Milos Zeman, closed in on reelection next weekend, after roasting German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her immigration policies.

The veteran Social Democrat told his audience: “I said to her that when she invites friends into her house, she should not then send them to her neighbours for lunch.”

Zeman was directly referring to continued EU threats targeted at the Czech Republic and other central European states to absorb tens of thousands of so-called ‘refugees’ from mainly islamic-majority countries.

Asked to clarify his vision for an immigration system, Zeman replied: “It’s easy. Three points. One; strong internal border controls. Two; deport every failed asylum applicant. Three; provide humanitarian aid, like water, infrastructure and medicine, to the countries needing help.”

Zeman easily won the first election round last weekend with almost 40% of the vote.

Next weekend he faces a run-off with popular pro-EU candidate Jiří Drahoš who failed to attend tonight’s planned TV duel.

Polls have the race tightening. But tonight’s unexpected absence by Drahoš leaves Zeman with the advantage. Another TV debate is scheduled for tomorrow.


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