(Prague) Expansionist eurocrats were rocked today as Miloš Zeman was re-elected to the Czech presidency.

Richard Bingley, a regional security specialist, as well as UKIP’s spokesperson for Home Affairs, said:

“Mr Zeman committed to an EU membership referendum in last Thursday’s national TV debate. Of course, we’ll see how the Czech people vote. But today’s result is a seismic boost for all of us pro-democracy, anti-EU campaigners. It will also send shockwaves across to expansionist EU institutions and their bullying bureaucrats.”

Mr Zeman bravely blocked the Czech Republic’s planned entry into the Eurozone during his first term. During TV presidential debates this time around he committed to hold an EU membership referendum. EU sceptism is rife in the Czech Republic where people are proud of their national identity, keep their economy relatively debt-free and remain scarred from the tyranny of German and Soviet imperialism.

President Zeman defeated pro-Euro academic Jiří Drahoš in a second-round run-off held today and yesterday.

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