A national survey from the Police Federation has reported that 73% of officers were “single-crewed” often or always.

Richard Bingley said:

“Single-crewing has the effect that police officers are isolated and exposed to unacceptable levels of personal risk in many potentially hazardous situations.

“In many lone scenarios, it is often physically impossible for officers to radio for backup. For example, if they are under attack or attempting to verbally pacify a potentially violent individual or group.

“Ultimately, officers feel safer patrolling in pairs. By policing in pairs, they are far more likely to be more assertive, intrusive and confident to stop unlawful behaviour. This means our High Streets and road networks would be safer.

“This total disregard for police safety, is yet another sign that UK police officers have been abandoned by Conservatives in Parliament.

“Just a fraction of our annual fees to Brussels would pay to reinstate all 22,000 police officers cut by Conservative MPs since 2010, as well as fund safer working practices.”

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