“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”
– Winston Churchill

With the words of this remarkable UK statesman in mind, The English Channel is excited to announce its upcoming rebrand!

On the 12th March, we welcome a fresh new image, complete with a new logo, website and vision.

We chose this date as it is key in English history:

John Bull is an imaginary figure created in 1712 by Scottish cartoonist Dr John Arbuthnot. He is intended as a personification of Great Britain as a nation, but is more commonly accepted as a personification of the nation of England. The real John Bull died on 12 March in 1628.

John Bull became an emblem of freedom, of manly English virtue, assertiveness, stubbornness, pride, and a fighting independence.

Join us on the 12th March to watch us unveil our new look!

The English Channel

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