Six out of eight public opinion polls report a lead for the Conservatives during March 2018. ICM’s March 20th poll gave Theresa May’s Conservatives a three-point lead (44%) over Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

Public opinion appears to back Theresa May’s robust, multilateral response to the dominant news issue during March: Russia’s alleged poisoning of its former military intelligence officer and his daughter, in Salisbury. According to ICM, 51% supported Theresa May’s response (22% didn’t), whilst 42% felt Jeremy Corbyn had responded badly.

But more than some solace in March’s opinion polls will be found by Team Corbyn. Averaging around 40%, his Party continuously outperforms all his predecessors, even in comparison to much of the second half of Tony Blair’s premiership.

Now 80% of Labour supporters solidly back their leader. This incredible transformation means that Labour’s membership is more united than at any point since 1997. Moreover, one poll during March (by Survation) reported Corbyn’s Labour Party to hold a seven-point lead over the Conservatives (45% to 38%).

The Lib Dems meanwhile plateau at a monthly average of 7% and UKIP at 2%. An interesting round of local elections beckon in early May.

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